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Classical Arabic

This program aims to enhance advanced-level classical Arabic scientific proficiency by immersing students in the Islamic sciences, particularly Arabic sciences, through a rigorous, systematic approach, and honed skills through direct engagement with traditional texts under experienced scholars.


Quranic Arabic

This specialized Arabic program focuses on Quranic language education, covering grammar, vocabulary, and style, enabling systematic Quran comprehension and preparing students for advanced Tafsir study, with options for direct training in reading and analyzing Tafsir books for advanced learners.


Immersive Arabic 

The immersive Arabic Training Program is designed for those with a foundational understanding of Arabic, aiming to enhance their proficiency in reading classical texts and crafting eloquent, classical-style writing. Under expert guidance, students delve into original classical writings.


Modern Standard Arabic

This program teaches Modern Standard Arabic using well-crafted instructional material, focusing on reading, listening, and speaking. It bridges the present with the rich historical legacy, enhancing comprehension through listening and speaking and providing a comprehensive learning experience.


Conversational Arabic 

This program offers a unique opportunity to improve Arabic proficiency, especially in spoken communication. A conversational pedagogy-specialist instructor will guide students through Arabic oration. The program is designed to align with individual objectives and aspirations, ensuring a customized curriculum.

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