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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At Dirayah Institute, our vision is to be the premier center for Arabic language education, embodying the essence of "Dirayah" - profound knowledge. We aim to set the standard for Arabic language mastery, making them easily accessible to learners who aspire to achieve proficiency and beyond. Through embracing tradition and modern teaching methodologies, we aspire to unlock the richness of the Arabic language for a global audience, fostering intercultural understanding and appreciation.




Get to Know Us

Dirayah Institute was founded with a vision: to revolutionize Arabic language education. Our name, meaning profound knowledge, reflects our commitment to deep understanding. We offer expert-led courses blending grammar and conversation practice, fostering proficiency and cultural appreciation. Join us in exploring the richness of the Arabic language and culture.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower students with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to achieve mastery in the Arabic language. We commit to:


  • Offering a spectrum of courses tailored to meet the diverse needs and levels of our students, from beginners to advanced scholars.


  • Providing an immersive learning experience that combines expert instruction with interactive lessons and state-of-the-art language acquisition methods.


  • Ensuring a supportive, enriching environment that respects the heritage of the Arabic language while incorporating the latest in educational technology and pedagogy.


  • Facilitating a deep understanding of not just the language, but the rich culture and tradition that it represents, enabling our students to become global ambassadors of Arabic heritage.


Meet The Team

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Mohamed Khaled

Marketing Specialist & Data Analyst

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Kevin Abdullah Marshall

Community Relations and Recruitment

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