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Quranic Arabic

Learn Arabic through Quran and Learn Quran through Arabic

This Arabic program is specially designed for those who want to understand the Quran. Students will be educated in the Arabic sciences in terms of the Quranic language. This includes Quranic grammar, Quranic vocabulary, and Quranic style. By finishing this program, students will be able to understand the language of the Quran systematically. This program also prepares students for the study of the books of Tafsir. Advanced students can receive direct training in reading and analyzing different Tafsir books.



Quranic grammar: students learn Arabic morphology and syntax (Sarf and Nahw) in the light of the Quranic language. The focus of the study will be on the Quranic word and sentence so that students’ linguistic skills are tuned to them in particular.


Quranic vocabulary: students get immersed in the semantics of the Quran. They learn the main set of Arabic words used in the Quran, which already makes up most of the active vocabulary of standard and classical Arabic. Through this method, students get a special opportunity to learn the word directly from their Quranic context of use. Students also learn the subtle differences between different concepts and master the etymology of the Quranic terms with the necessary reference to other literary sources.

Quranic style: students study the Balaghah of the Quran, focusing on the topics relevant to understanding the Quranic sentence properly. This involves systematic exposure to original sources from books of tafsir and balaghah.

More Details:


  • The program takes you from zero level to total proficiency.

  • The grammar and vocabulary modules are studied simultaneously with the style module studies at the end.

  • Lessons are not confined to passive lecturing.

  • Lessons incorporate interactive learning mechanisms.

  • After finishing the main levels, students can receive training in a specific tafsir book.

  • The duration of the program depends on each student’s learning plan.

  • Classes are conducted via Zoom.

  • Lessons are delivered in English, but more Arabic talk will be implemented in our lessons as we advance.

Pricing: $15 per hour.



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