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Modern Standard Arabic

In this program, you'll delve into Modern Standard Arabic using one of the most well-crafted instructional materials available. Additionally, we will explore some classical Arabic texts, establishing a bridge between the vibrant present and the rich historical legacy. While the primary emphasis lies on enhancing language comprehension through reading and listening, ample room is also provided for developing your speaking and writing abilities, presenting a well-rounded learning experience.


Program Highlights

Enhanced Guidance: You'll receive dedicated attention from a skilled instructor, focusing solely on your language development, with the flexibility of setting your own hours and pace of learning. Your teacher will always be available for questions and guidance, even outside of regular class hours.


Impressive Progress: By the end of the program, you'll have the ability to comprehend both modern and classical standard Arabic texts, both in reading and listening. In a remarkably short period, your capacity to read and understand original Standard Arabic text will see significant improvement. Also, your speaking and writing abilities will be remarkably developed, matching your aims and goals in your learning journey.


Program Details: Our textbook caters to those aiming to live in or visit an Arab-speaking country, enabling seamless communication without facing major language barriers. It also provides an excellent foundation for those interested in pursuing studies in Islamic Sciences. The program comprises 8 levels, spanning roughly 75 hours of classes conducted via Zoom. The exact duration of the program may vary slightly from one student to another, based on every individual’s learning pace. The lesson fee is $20 per hour.

Ideal for: Individuals with little to no prior background in Arabic, looking to master standard Arabic in the most effective manner.


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