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Modern Standard Arabic

Establish your Arabic proficiency on a profound basis

Delve into Modern Standard Arabic with the most well-crafted instructional materials available. Explore modern Arabic texts and take a step forward to access classical texts. While the primary emphasis lies on enhancing language comprehension through reading and listening, ample room is also provided for developing your speaking and writing abilities, presenting a well-rounded learning experience. The main outcome of this course is the ability to properly communicate in the modern Arab world.


Program Summary

  • The program takes you from zero level to total proficiency.

  • The lessons are delivered by certified, experienced teachers.

  • Lessons are not confined to passive lecturing.

  • Lessons incorporate interactive learning mechanisms.

  • The duration of the program is roughly 75 hours.

  • Classes are conducted via Zoom.

  • Lessons are delivered in English, but more Arabic talk will be implemented in our lessons as we advance.

Pricing: $20 per hour.



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