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Classical Arabic

This program is designed to impart advanced-level classical Arabic scientific proficiency. Students will immerse themselves in the esteemed tradition of Islamic sciences, particularly the Arabic sciences, following a rigorous and systematic approach. They will engage directly with traditional texts, with the direct instructions of an experienced scholar, honing their skills in comprehending and employing the scholarly language of classical Arabic with exceptional proficiency.


Program Highlights

Program Objectives: In this exceptional program, students will commence their journey under the guidance of specialized scholars who will lead them through an immersive learning experience like no other. Through intensive training in the analysis of traditional texts, you will unravel the intricate layers of classical Islamic literature, gaining profound insights into the cultural and scientific dimensions of classical Arabic studies. The main goal of this program is to develop one’s scholarly abilities in the traditional sciences of classical Arabic.


Tailored Curriculum: Although the traditional Madrasah curriculum is well-defined and clearly specified, we understand that each learner is unique. So, our curriculum can adapt to your aims, ensuring a personalized learning experience that optimizes the development of your scholarly language abilities. From grappling with complex texts to mastering classical Arabic sciences, every step is carefully considered.


Exploring Illuminating Works: Students will engage directly with works that have profoundly influenced generations of Islamic scholars. Explore treasures like "Tasrif Al-Izzi" for the science of Sarf and Ibn Hisham's "Sharh Qatr Al-Nada" for the science of Nahw, deepening your understanding of Arabic linguistics. The curriculum is rooted in the esteemed traditions of Ottoman and Kurdish Islamic madrasahs. Additionally, the instructor will take into account the specific aims and objectives of the student, tailoring a special curriculum accordingly.


Program Details: Students will receive systematic scientific training in Classical Arabic based on the esteemed curriculum of Ottoman madrasahs. Lessons are not confined to passive lecturing but incorporate interactive learning mechanisms to ensure the highest level of linguistic and scientific proficiency. The duration of the program will be based on your individualized learning plan, book selection preferences, and study habits. Classes will be conducted via Zoom, with a lesson fee of $25 per hour.


Ideal for: Individuals with a strong foundation in standard Arabic, aspiring to pursue advanced studies in Arabic and Islamic sciences.


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