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Conversational Arabic

In this program, you will have a unique opportunity to enhance your proficiency in the Arabic language, particularly in the realm of spoken communication. A dedicated instructor, specializing in conversational pedagogy will guide you through your educational odyssey in Arabic oration. Whether you consider distinct objectives or diverse aspirations in undertaking this program, we are committed to customizing your curriculum with the highest levels of creativity and expertise of our instructors to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your aims.


Program Highlights

Program Objectives: This tailored program is designed for individuals looking to enhance their proficiency in spoken Arabic. Whether you already possess some familiarity with the language but struggle with fluency, or you're starting with limited knowledge and a keen focus on conversation, this conversational standard Arabic course provides a unique opportunity to refine your speaking abilities. With a dedicated private tutor specialized in conversational skills, embark on a journey of meaningful connections and linguistic growth.


Conversational Experts: Our highly educated tutors are adept at guiding students through the intricacies of conversational Arabic. They devote significant time to nurturing your speaking capabilities facilitating rapid engagement with Arabic speakers. After assessing your overall proficiency in Arabic, your tutor will pinpoint areas for improvement, tailoring the curriculum to align seamlessly with your objectives.


Rapid Progress: Through an immersive Arabic-speaking experience, you'll witness a remarkable transformation in your speaking abilities within a short span of time. This program is thoughtfully structured to address a wide array of scenarios you may encounter in an Arab-speaking environment or while communicating with Arabic-speaking individuals.


Program Details: This program prioritizes the development of conversational skills, imparting practical instructions that find immediate application in real-world dialogues. Students are encouraged to request specific topics for focused learning, and the teacher will accordingly structure conversations around those areas. However, even without a predefined focus, students are welcome to join the program. The program duration will be tailored to suit individual goals and learning pace. Classes will be conducted via Zoom. The lesson fee per hour is $20.


Ideal for: Individuals with a foundational understanding of standard Arabic seeking to cultivate fluency and proficiency in spoken communication.


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