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Conversational Arabic

Speak Arabic Like an Arab

In this program, you will have a unique opportunity to enhance your proficiency in the Arabic language, particularly in the realm of spoken communication. A dedicated instructor, specializing in conversational pedagogy will guide you through your educational odyssey in Arabic oration. Whether you consider distinct objectives or diverse aspirations in undertaking this program, we are committed to customizing your curriculum with the highest levels of creativity and expertise of our instructors to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your aims.


We provide a general conversational program with the chance to work on specialized topics according to the student's needs and goals. Below are some of the most common topics.

  • Business Arabic
  • Day-to-day Arabic
  • Medical Arabic
  • Legal Arabic
  • Academic Arabic

Program Summary:

  • This program requires beginner to intermediate standard Arabic Knowledge.

  • The program focuses on speaking but it can include other elements when needed.

  • The lessons are delivered by certified, experienced teachers.

  • The program duration depends on each student’s level and learning goals.

  • Classes are conducted via Zoom.

  • Lessons are delivered in standard Arabic (Fusha).

Pricing: $25 per hour.



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