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Immersive Arabic Training Program

Our immersive Arabic Training Program is meticulously designed for individuals who already possess a foundational understanding of Arabic. It aims to significantly enhance their language proficiency, especially in the realms of reading classical texts and crafting eloquent, classical-style writing. Under the guidance of an adept instructor specializing in linguistic analysis of classical Arabic texts, students will engage in immersive training, delving into original classical writings.

Program Highlights

Unlock Your Linguistic Potential: Prepare for an extraordinary transformation in your Arabic language skills. Our program is finely tuned to elevate your existing abilities to remarkable heights. With a curriculum focusing on meticulous reading and formal writing, students will have an exceptional opportunity to sharpen their language analytical skills to unparalleled levels.


Guided by Seasoned Experts: Embark on a learning journey led by seasoned instructors attuned to your specific needs. As you delve into classical and contemporary Arabic masterpieces, your instructor will provide attentive guidance, nurturing your proficiency in reading and writing in standard classical Arabic. Beyond mere comprehension, your instructor will equip you with tools for independent reading and research endeavors throughout your academic or personal education journey.


Comprehensive Skill Enhancement: Our commitment extends beyond text analysis. Supplementary scientific training, tailored to the chosen text, will be provided based on each student's requirements. The ultimate aim is to enrich your understanding and knowledge base. While writing proficiency is a central focus, the level of emphasis may vary depending on individual needs and goals.


Program Details: Students will undergo intensive training in textual analysis, equipping them with indispensable tools from the Arabic sciences. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, they will navigate classical or contemporary Arabic texts to refine and expand their reading and writing skills in standard Arabic. In addition to close reading sessions, students will receive supplementary scientific training as needed. The classes will continuously reference the Arabic sciences, bridging the gap between theory and practice. The program duration will be tailored to suit individual goals and learning pace. Classes will be conducted via Zoom.


Ideal for: Those with some prior exposure to Arabic, whether through heritage or basic familiarity, seeking unparalleled practical proficiency in understanding classical texts.

Pricing: $30 per hour.


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