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Omar Mustafa


- 10 years of experience in teaching standard Arabic to non-native speakers.
- 5 years of experience in teaching classical Arabic literature and poetry.
- 3 years of experience in teaching Standard Arabic grammar to children.
- Developed a special immersive Arabic program meticulously designed to elevate the textual analysis skills of Arabic learners.
- Completed comprehensive training on "Conceptual and Philological Analysis of Ancient Arabic Texts."
- An active participant in educational events at traditional Ottoman Madrasahs in Istanbul.
- A researcher on pre-Islamic and early Islamic Arabic literature.
- Working on a project on the phenomenological psychology of Arabic poetry.

Mu'min Huseyni


- 6 years of experience in teaching Classical Arabic from its original and traditional sources.
- 8 years of scholastic education in Islamic sciences according to the traditional Ottoman Madrasah curriculum.
- Teaching Islamic sciences in a prominent traditional school (Ottoman Kurdish madrasah) in Konya, Turkey.
- A researcher on the development of the traditional teaching methods of classical Arabic and Islamic sciences.
- A dedicated poet, an author of an unreleased diwan.

Suhile Darwish


- 3 years of experience in teaching Standard Arabic to non-native speakers.
- 2 years of experience in teaching Arabic classical sciences.
- 3 years of scholastic education in Islamic sciences.
- An active researcher in Arabic literature and classical poetry.

- A researcher in the methods of teaching standard Arabic for non-native speakers

Nusaiba Alsebahy


-3 years of experience teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers

-Collaborated with another teacher to create a more concise and structured primary school syllabus

-Certificate in Preparation Program for Teachers of Arabic for Non-Native Speakers (2023)
Certificate in Teaching the Basics of Arabic Grammar (2020)

-Master's in Arabic Language and Literature from Yildirim Beyazit University (Ankara, Turkey) (2020-2022)

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Abu Bakr Askar


- 4 years of experience in teaching Standard Arabic.

- 3 years experience in Arabic conversational tutoring. 

- A researcher in the facilitation of Standard Arabic education.

- An advanced student of Arabic traditional sciences.

- A devotee of early Arabic literature and pre-Islamic poetry

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Ibrahim Alhaw


- 6 years experience in teaching Standard Arabic for non-native speakers.

- 3 years experience in teaching children Standard Arabic.

- An active researcher in the teaching methods of Arabic language. 

- Developing a new curriculum for teaching Modern Standard Arabic that will meet the various needs of Arabic learners.

- Specialized in teaching Arabic for German speakers.

- A researcher in Arabic literature and poetry.

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Kevin Abdullah Marshall

Community Relations and Recruitment

Kevin is a fellow at the University of Dallas' Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts pursuing a master's of humanities in classical liberal arts education. As an educator, organizer, and researcher, he is particularly interested in promoting the Islamic and Western liberal arts alongside obligatory religious knowledge within underserved American communities.

After having lived in Turkey for six years (Istanbul and Konya, respectively), he returned to the States to assist in the development of several educational initiatives broadly aligned with his professional and academic interests, including his development work with the Dirayah Arabic Institute.

Mohamed Khaled

Marketing Specialist & Data Analyst

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