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Welcome to Dirayah,
Where Arabic Mastery Begins!

Dirayah: Master Arabic effortlessly! Expert instructors, interactive lessons &  a vibrant community await you. Join now! 


Expert Instructors

Expert Instructors
​Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced instructors, very passionate about teaching Arabic.

Teaching Quality

Experienced instructors, engaging lessons, and practical approach to mastering Arabic.

Affordable Pricing

Without breaking the bank! Enjoy our budget-friendly pricing for top-quality language education.

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About us

Welcome to Dirayah, your gateway to Arabic proficiency! Our unique approach to teaching sets us apart. With fluent English-speaking Arab instructors, we ensure a smooth and enjoyable learning experience. Their expertise and passion create an immersive environment where students thrive.

Join our supportive community of language enthusiasts and cultural explorers. Engage in our vibrant educational events and deepen your understanding of Arabic language and Islamic tradition. Experience quality education and a sense of belonging at Dirayah!


Classical Arabic

Are you a student of the Islamic sciences, seeking to receive a proper education in Classical Arabic sciences? 

Enroll in our Classical Arabic program, where hand-picked scholars immerse you in the time-honored Ottoman Madrasah curriculum with the best teaching methods!


Immersive Arabic Training Program

Are you an Arab or Arabic learner seeking exceptional proficiency in classical Arabic?

Join our tailored program for immersive training in classical text analysis designed for passionate learners and unlock your ultimate potential!


Modern Standard Arabic

Seeking a transformative Standard Arabic course to establish your language proficiency?

Enroll in our Modern Standard Arabic program today and unlock the full potential of our comprehensive language curriculum!


Conversational Arabic 

Aiming to master standard Arabic and express your proficiency in real-life conversations?

Enroll in our Conversational Arabic program and elevate your speaking skills today!


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