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Welcome to Dirayah

Where Arabic mastery begins
Explore the Mysteries of Arabic!

You will not simply learn Arabic at Dirayah; you will grasp Arabic. You will see Arabic’s logical sophistication, structural consistency, semantic coherence, and more when you learn at Dirayah. We aim to offer students a profound and precise vision of what they learn.



Classical Arabic

Learn classical Arabic sciences thorough the traditional curriculum.

This program prepares you for proficiency in all the Islamic sciences, providing you with all the skills may  you need. 

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Quranic Arabic

Learn Arabic through Quran and Learn Quran through Arabic.

This Arabic program provides thorough Quranic language education, enabling systematic Quran comprehension and advanced Tafsir study.

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Modern Standard Arabic

Learn Arabic from zero to fluency in exceptional time.

Unlock the full potential of our comprehensive Arabic  language curriculum.


Immersive Arabic 

Elevate your Arabic knowledge by direct interaction with original texts. 

This program puts your linguistic skills into practice, cultivate them, and offers you authentic language experience.

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Conversational Arabic 

Master speaking and be confident in any conversation.

Enroll in our Conversational Arabic program and elevate your Arabic speaking skills.


"The Arabic language, both in its classical and colloquial forms, is a treasure trove of wisdom, beauty, and cultural richness that has shaped civilizations for centuries."

- Ibn Khaldun

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